Manga drawings

Posted On September 20, 2007

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These are some of my drawings of Manga and Anime charcaters:

L from the movie


9 Responses to “Manga drawings”

  1. Stoner

    These drawings are pretty good, man. You’ve got talent!

  2. moneysworthless

    2nd one’s nice 😀

  3. Sachi

    :3 Goku!

  4. fearblank

    Wow… These are pretty awsome! Dood! lol… Go Kenshin…! lol… My hand still hurts, made worse by the fact that I stabbed it with a pen in the car… lol… put more up, yeah?
    Hugs and Cookies

  5. Sachi

    o_O;; Stabbing hand=emo?!

  6. megaarchlord

    Emo’s do not cut themselfs, emo is not a mental disorder only a fad XD.

  7. Sachi

    True, emo means OVERLY EMOTIONAL. A lot of OVERLY EMOTIONAL kids do cut themselves. Though MOST dress in dark clothes and listen to stereotypically “emo” bands, not all do. And the same can be said for the self mutilation.;D

  8. megaarchlord

    Only emos that cut themselfs for a fad is stupid, though cutting yourself usually means you have some sort of disorder. Anyway I thought this was a manga drawings chat, oh well.

  9. fearblank

    lol… Too bad! anyway, I’m not Emo!!! I scraped my hand and while I was writing, We turned a corner and the pen slipped and made it start re bleeding!!! lol… Sachi sould read my Emo post chat with daniel… That was fun!!! I know alot of people who wear dark clothes and listen to all that heavy Ëmo”stuff, but aren’t Emo, they just like it… I’m one of them… I still do love Kenshin!!! woo! lol…
    Hugs and Cookies

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