Review, Summary And Ichigo

Posted On September 24, 2007

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I think I might try and have a go at a One Piece review soon and also a bit of what I think about Ichigo off of the Manga and Anime Bleach:

Ichigo is the worst main character ever.
Think about it, he is weak, in the SS arc against Byakuya he was super fast and now everyone can keep up with his speed with out releasing their shikai. And also in the battle against Byakuya it emphasized his speed greatly and you don’t see that anymore you just see everyone keep up with him without breaking a sweat so his Bankai is useless. And he hardly ever wins.

OK rant over, some might agree with that while others might not.

Also I will post up a summary of our manga soon.


6 Responses to “Review, Summary And Ichigo”

  1. Sachi

    Yeah..He is pretty weak..But everyone else is pretty bad too, except for the characters that get the least screentime. BUT..His mask is badass. You can’t deny that.:)

  2. Sachi

    Btw, how’d you get the OP Crew shot up there? It’s the same one I have for my Youtube account, but i’m just curious.

  3. megaarchlord

    I just went to my dashboard and clicked on presentation then on Custom Image Header and that was it.

  4. Sachi

    Ah. Cool.

  5. fearblank

    *sniff* …I like Ichigo… *sniff* I don’t care that he’s not all that! He’s a bad ass punk who is totally awsome! lol… *heart* Strawberry! I like your header too…
    Hugs and Cookies

  6. moneysworthless

    some good points

    i dunno, I guess that’s part of the reason I like his character. It isn’t all DBZ style, where he can just bulk up to the next level and beat somebody. He’s bound to fail more often then he succeeds.

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