New Manga Drawings

Posted On September 25, 2007

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Some more of my manga drawings, some were drawn in a book so sorry for the quality.

Naruto 2
Naruto 3
Shaman King


4 Responses to “New Manga Drawings”

  1. Sachi

    Love the 1st 3, espcially the second. The fourth was okay, but I never really liked Shaman King(If i’m not mistaken, and that is Yoh and Ana). And if that’s your handwriting in the third one,congratulations on being able to write neatly.

  2. megaarchlord

    Yes that is my hand writing and thanks.

  3. fearblank

    Woo! Strawberry! sorry… I actually like Ichigo… again (I think…?) I love your use of shading and line work… It is very neat and has an interesting… flair and style… I love it…
    Their expressions intrigue me… They actually look very in scene/character… Unlike some other people I know who draw manga that looks too out there and the facial expressions look a bit stupid… >.< yours are good!
    Hugs and Cookies

  4. megaarchlord

    Thanks ^^, glad you liked them.

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