Watch New Bleach And One Piece Online

Posted On September 30, 2007

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Well a lot of people are doing the downloads but failed to see an online one (maybe because I did not look hard?) Oh well. Anyway I will do this for all my friends who visit my blog, here you go.

One Piece


6 Responses to “Watch New Bleach And One Piece Online”

  1. Seiryuu

    hi! i’m trying to link to as many animefans or animebloggers as possible. i wanna ask if i can add your link to my blogroll? well i see u r an aya fan too, so lets provide each other with infos on aya in the future haha. if u agree, u can just email me or contact me via my blog. once i got your notice, i will immediately add your link to my blogroll. hehe if possible, add my link to your blogroll too. i just started recently so there is not much on my blog. well anyway, i see u can draw very well. nice work dude!

  2. megaarchlord

    Thanks. And sure I’ll yet you link me, I’ll post in your blog that you can.

  3. Sachi

    VeohTv is slightly more convinient.

  4. Sachi

    I’m..almost 300% sure I spelled that incorrectly. DAMN you television!

  5. yassine


  6. megaarchlord

    Hello Yassine.

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