Well this page is about me I guess XD. OK some quick points then.

18 years old
Manga-ka (Is looking for an artist)
Favourite bands are Billy Talent, Goo Goo Dolls and Gun’s N’ Roses
Favourite Manga is One Piece
Favourite Anime is Black Cat


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7 Responses to “About”

  1. Sachi

    D: Illness?

  2. megaarchlord

    Yeah illness, makes me very sick, no idea what it is yet though but it is not nice T_T.

  3. Sachi

    I say herpes. Or..chicken pox.

  4. megaarchlord

    No one knows, one that makes me very sick XD.

  5. SABER

    Oh mine 😦 But I can see that it is not stopping you from drawing Manga. Keep it up. They are nice 😀

  6. megaarchlord

    I’m better now so I’ve removed illness from the post :P.

  7. Nebroc

    Do you still need an artist?

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