A lot of things

Well, have not been on in a while again ^^’… Well now, what to talk about…

Well I guess a lot of things have happened lately. I’ve gotten better so that’s cool :). I’ve finished writing my manga out which is also cool ^^. I’ve writen it out all in script form so it is not completely finished yet. Speaking of which, if any artists are reading this and would like to try their hand at a manga then feel free to contact me ^^. You can contact me here, at Deviant art W-D-A or at megaarchlord@yahoo.co.uk. The first chapter is here for those who would like to read it Chapter 1. Anyway… I’ve been back at college for a while now and that’s going well. I’ve been making a few AMV’s lately aswell. I will try to update my blog more often from now on as this is the first post in like 2 months so everyone reading it has most likely got board if they even come here at all that is. Well anyway, I better start work on a new project, yes I have a second one after the first one finished at 300 chapters this one has 25 so far and will be going for some time but not as long as the other one this one will most likely be around 150 chapters but nonetheless.

Pardon any mistakes.


Hello and my manga

Hello, back again, have not been on here for quite a while, I also have to go to hospital again so I might not be on for a while again. Well I posted up my manga in deviant art which can be found here Chapter 1. Please do say what you think of it, at the moment I am looking for an artist, so if anyone is interested in that please say ^^.

I hope everyone likes the first chapter ^^.


Posted On November 5, 2007

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Hello, sorry for all that read this but I have been very sick and when not sick busy, so I have not been on the site much, but I am back here again, just letting you know. Hopefully I will have some of our manga up on here soon.

Getting used to this and new AMV

Posted On September 19, 2007

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I am just getting used to posting here butstill think there is little point in it, I might even delete it soon, well anyway, I also watched a new AMV I thought was really good.

First post

Posted On September 18, 2007

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Well I obvisously got a wordpress account (today). So this is my first post, I dunno why I bother as this will be a site that will get one vist a month for them to say “why did I bother going to this page”… But anyway. I hope to post a bit here, but not now, laters.