What to talk about? o.O

Well let’s see, I said I’d be back more so here I am… But I have no idea what to talk about? Did any one read my chapter? I hope so ^^… I hope you liked it as well, should I post the 2nd chapter?

Anyway… A cool little wordpress blog AnimeAce very good blog, I’m sure all you anime lovers will like it as well… You can get links to downloads and online anime videos.

Moving on… I have not been up to much resently, went out a few times… Been writing a lot really, my second story is coming along fast and it seems very good to me, I’d like to get that one published first as it is only a short story.


Hello and my manga

Hello, back again, have not been on here for quite a while, I also have to go to hospital again so I might not be on for a while again. Well I posted up my manga in deviant art which can be found here Chapter 1. Please do say what you think of it, at the moment I am looking for an artist, so if anyone is interested in that please say ^^.

I hope everyone likes the first chapter ^^.